Second Reflection on Final Project: 13 Days of Halloween


This past week was a crapfest of errands, projects, proofing papers, fickle internet, seizing dog, weekend out of town, and Easter. Therefore, everything here is last minute. I’m playing “catch up”. Anywho . . .

Here’s an overview of this week’s reflection:

  • Lots of tweaking
  • helpful info from MM
  • something a little different with this weeks posts
  • why aren’t my YouTube links posting?
  • categories and blogroll

Lots of Tweaking

So, after I posted last week’s reflection, I tested all of my links to make sure they were working properly. But when I accessed 13days from my MissI blog, there were bits and pieces of the layouts that were all wonky. Especially on the Inviting Zombies one.

The reason being . . .

I was tabbing and indenting and right-click dragging things all over the place. Here’s the deal–all of my “fine tuning” made a big ole mess of my formatting. So I had to go back into every post and move things around and stay within the friendly formatting of Spun. After I did that, I decided to check out what 13days looks like from an iPhone . . . sigh.

Helpful Info from MM

Last week I conveyed my frustrations about my friends not being able to like and comment on my posts. Here’s what I got back:

“You can set the ability to like and to comment, I think, in the settings area of the dashboard. Might be under Discussion.”

  • it was in the settings area of my dashboard
  • it was under discussion
Other comment settings Other comment settings Comment author must fill out name and e-mail

You want to uncheck this box so people can like and comment without having to “login”.

My other concern was that I was taking a great portion of my “About Page” from my project proposal and parts of my “About the Author” page came from a different source I had written up last fall. Here’s MM’s response:

I found this information to be very helpful and it helped me decide where I want to draw that line.

“As for re-cycling: It’s a common practice on the web (and elsewhere) to start with something already created and adapt, reshape, do something to it, to suit a new rhetorical context or situation. It’s usually called repurposing. The images for your posts are repurposed, for instance, as are the pics you use in your posts. Just about every writing handbook is repurposed stuff without an original source. There is a line between repurposing and plagiarism, but I don’t know where it is.”

Something a Little Different with this Week’s Posts

This week I did a three part series of posts. I’m calling them the VS posts. And they were equally as fun as last weeks.

I researched each one and weaved links of sourced info, videos, music, and images to help bring my posts to life. A well-placed hypertext is a delight I thoroughly enjoy. And I truly hope my readers are enjoying the little treats I leave for them to munch on while they read.

But then it happened . . .

When I would do a preview of my post, I noticed my YouTube links weren’t the actual video but simply a link to the video . . . ugh!

Why aren’t my YouTube videos posting?

To find a solution and fix the issue, I resorted to what I do when I can’t remember how to format something on Wiki.

  • click the edit button on one of my successfully completed pages
  • do it exactly as is shown for the new post

Basically what was missing were the brackets/square parenthesis and the word “embed”.

So now, I do a YouTube link search in “Add Media” and then type in the embedding stuff myself. Is there an easier way?–probably, but I never said I found the easiest way. I simply said I found a way.

This coming week: categories and blogrolls

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